You definitely need to find a good treatment if you suffer from hyperhidrosis. This condition causes the sufferer to sweat excessively all the time even when they aren't hot. One of the first line of defenses against hyperhidrosis are antiperspirants. These antiperspirants contain aluminum chloride, which is the compound responsible for blocking up the sweat ducts so that the body doesn't release any moisture. Learn more about the best antiperspirants to stop sweating here.

These days there are a lot of different antiperspirants out there that you can choose from. Most of them you see will have clinical strength marked on the bottle to let you know it's a strong prescription. Before you go out there looking for antiperspirants to use you have to remember that deodorants are a whole other thing. Deodorants are normally used to stop odor caused by excessive sweating, and antiperspirants were made specifically to stop perspiration. When you go out there looking for antiperspirants you have to read the label and check for the amount of aluminum chloride it has.

Many of the antiperspirants availalbe on the web or in certain pharmacies contain enough punch in them to stop the sweating for around 24 hours. However, if you are looking for a really strong antiperspirant then you should go for prescription grade antiperspirants, which last up to 3 days.

The only thing about prescription grade antiperspirants is the fact that it can irritate your skin because it's so potent. You need a prescription to get these antiperspirants from your doctor and they'll either have zirconium tetrachlorohydrex GLY or aluminum chloride in it. These chemical compounds in the prescription antiperspirants will help block up the eccrine and apocrine sweat glands and keep them from becoming overactive, which will lead to less sweat.

One of the best antiperspirants out there is a brand called Drysol Dab. It contains about 20% aluminum chloride, which is the highest amount of aluminum chloride you can get.

In order to avoid irritation you need to apply the prescription grade antiperspirant at night before you go to sleep, and then rinse it off in the morning. If you were to put it on in the morning it will cause irritation that you might be able to endure while you're going through your day.